I join the incredible Liv Albert to talk about Sappho, sexuality & papyrus (three of my fave topics)

Ellie Brigida & I join the Bechdel Cast to discuss the 2004 film, Saved!

Alyse & I join our friend Leigh at History is Gay to discuss Sweetbitter

Ellie & I drink the “Sappho” and discuss the woman herself with Katie & Allie!

Alyse Knorr & I join the ladies of Lez to discuss why Juno should’ve been gay.

Alyse & I join Nat & Cass to talk about Sappho.. and break into song! I can’t believe we never thought of “Bittersweet Sappho-ny”

Another Sappho episode — this time with Jenny & Genn of Ancient History Fangirl!

I join Liv from Myths Baby again — this time for her series on Atlantis.

Yes you read that right, Ian & I talk for over 2 hours about whisky and Sappho.

I join the lads at movie punditry to discuss the first 3 Mission Impossible films and an actor I truly hate, Tom Cruise

I am quickly learning that a guest appearance on one of Ian’s podcasts = drunkedy drunk drunk.

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